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It's time to think outside the box by donating your property, which in turn will help someone else get out of their box and live a better life! for your benefit we have made it possible for you to be able to choose from an extensive list of partner charities from across america. You decide the project you wish to fund with your donation: health, education, welfare, religious studies, homeless, or prison reform. Car Angel offers opportunities to help them all. Call Car Angel now or fill out the online donation form!

There's great joy in helping others!

We help towards many causes please see and get involved in what programs and appeals are ongoing.

Child carrying Baby.

Child Sponsorships Worldwide

Child Sponsorships Worldwide. Currently we support a bible training camp and soccer camp in Sudan, street and church outreaches to children and teens in Lima, Peru and Pemba, Mozambique, Africa.

Contrite man gripping prison bars.

Juvenile and Adult Prison Reform

Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center literary program recently sent 200 thousand copies of "Shaking the Money Tree" motivational literature for prison to Federal, State, and Country Adult and Youth Offenders. Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center sponsored chaplains routinely visit prisons throughout southern California. Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center aids the Training Center in their society efforts as parolees are trained and released into society as Productive people.

Child being given medical treatment.

Medical Care and Training

Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center's sponsorships of Mercy Ships, Compassion, World Vision, Iris Ministries, and Fresh Fire Ministries' programs continue to provide needed operations and medicines for thousands of Third World Countries.

Washing of feet.

Born Again & Delivered Disciples

Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center provides trucks, trailers, outreach materials, food, and clothing in partnership with BADD in California, Arizona, and Nevada-based teen outreach that houses and trains troubled teens throughout the Southwest.

Donkey Ollie Children's Book

Preschool Outreach

Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center has produced over 9 million animated preschool DVD's and have been distributed to Preschools, Churches, and libraries. The DVD series "The Adventures of Donkey Ollie" has won 5 film festival awards and also been featured on TBN, Day Star, and NRB cable and satellite television networks. Plans are in effect to finalize the 5 part series and distribute an additional 9 million copies in the USA.

Marijuana leaf within universal No symbol.

Anti-Drug Movie Project

Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center has sponsored and award winning film "Death Or Prison Eventually" which is show free of charge of high schools, colleges, prison inmates, and youth at skateboard parks and outdoor venue solely for the purpose of encouraging young people not to experiment with illegal or addictive drugs. Plans are being made to expand a film into a 10-part After School program.

Young girl cradling sleeping infant.

Teenage Pregnancy

Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center's newly completed project, "Federal Case", addresses the complexities and problems relating to teenage pregnancies. It has garnered a recent film-festival award and was released summer of 2008 to broadcast TV, Youth Groups, and various pregnancy clinics and health instructors.

Mortarboard cap atop a stack of coins behind the word 'Scholarship'.

University Scholarships

Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center has provided full scholarship funding for Young adults attending Grand Canyon University, Addis Adaba University, Debud University, and Mekele University helping students attain degrees in Computer Science, Accounting, Agriculture and Health Science.

Disaster relief workers helping at temporary shelter.

Disaster Relief

Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center has provided emergency transportation, housing and food for hurricane, drought, and tsunami victims both in the USA and abroad.