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Car Angel originated in 2000 as the New Millennium Scholarship Fund. In 2001, when we started accepting vehicle donations to aid our cause, our name was simplified to Angel Ministries. Our cause now includes funding several of our own projects, including prison outreach/rehabilitation, children's moral DVD outreach, worldwide leadership training, and child support for children in third world countries.

Our 501(c)3 charity works nationwide, while our main office is located in Arizona.

We provide all donors with an immediate tax receipt, along with all other tax paperwork and information necessary. When you donate online, you also have the option of designating which charity you would like to benefit from your donation. If they are one of our current affiliates, the amount raised from your donation will be added to the funds we send them at certain points throughout the year. If the chosen organization is not a current affiliate, as long as we can provide its legitimate charity status, we will send them a check once provided all information.

In order to make sure your donation process goes as smoothly as possible, our organization works with those knowledgeable of used vehicles and their sales, thus providing you peace of mind knowing skilled professionals are handling your donation.

Donate your used vehicle and help those around you.

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Car Angel New Millennium Scholarship Fund

Past Achievements.

• During 2005, Car Angel donated over 200,000 books to those in prisons, including Death Sentence, http://www.reignbowmedia.com, and Run for Your Life. The aim of these books was rehabilitation and aiding in the recurring problem of recidivism, which can cost taxpayers nearly $7.5 billion every year. The response was great and letters continue to pour in from prisoners and chaplains expressing thanks and requesting more material.

• 500 children, mostly in Kenya and India, are supported through our partnerships with Compassion International and World Vision. They are supplied all the basics for living, including scholastic and religious education. These children are also sponsored for scholarships for online university at Grand Canyon University. An Easter show was hosted to raise awareness around this program.

• In northern Ohio we are able to turn donated cars into valuable assets for families in need. Our partner, God's Grease Monkeys, takes vehicles donated to us, repairs them, and then turns and gives them to the needy in the surrounding areas.

• Car Angel has acknowledged the importance of training individuals in the third world and helps make it possible for hundreds of lay people in India to attend monthly training seminars that aid them in the hard process of living, and making a living, as native ministers.

• Car Angel sponsors Mercy Ships International and enables them to travel the world in order to provide necessary medical care in some of the worlds poorest regions.

• Car Angel New Millennium, which depends on donated cars, trucks, RVs, and boats to fund it's programs, presented Action House Spotlight Ministries, an inner city training institute in Los Angeles, with nearly 15 cars and vans to transport its students and staff. We also sponsored 100 billboards for the institute in an effort to create awareness in the area.

• Car Angel sponsored a 26-episode show entitled Rave America TV. It was aired on three networks, Dish, Cornerstone, and Warner Cable, aiming to encourage American youth in their educations and motivating them to learn skills necessary to compete in the industries of the world.

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